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Ammonia Make-Up Air Unit

Roof-mounted make-up air unit with multiple blowers, natural Gas BTU, flooded-ammonia refrigeration, manifold pressure, and an ammonia surge tank.

Galvanized construction throughout the outside housing.

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ammonia make up air

Refrigerated Make-Up Air Unit Standards

Using two-part IIAR RMAU ammonia pipe markers to distinguish between certain ammonia system components, such as a refrigerated make-up air unit, and to shield personnel from exposures.

These ANSI A13.1 (ASME piping source) pipe marking standard-exceeding pressure-sensitive vinyl pipe labels are the recommended display for system components conveying dangerous chemicals, like ammonia.

Additionally, the labels adhere to IIAR Bulletin No. 114, which is a more comprehensive standard for marking ammonia system components.

Authorized Ammonia Refrigerant MUA Representatives

We are the authorized distributors for the leading American manufacturers of refrigerated makeup air units. We’ll be pleased to provide the ideal make up air unit for your application as authorized representatives.

For a fast quote or if you have inquiries about commercial or industrial MUA, get in touch with us.

Ammonia Make-Up Air Unit Features

  • To keep cooling coils in energy-efficient “like new” condition and eliminate germs in fly-by, UVC decontamination emitters.
  • For heat recovery and redistribution, cooling coils that use ammonia, freon, steam, and glycol are also available.
  • Turnkey Air Make-up Units from 5,000 to 125,000 cfm that are specially built for various applications.
  • Direct Gas Fired using natural gas to effectively moderate the air.
  • Evaporative cooling is an optional energy-saving alternative to refrigeration.
  • Available with a wide range of filter combinations, including washable aluminum, disposable box filters, and ultra fine HEPA filtration.
  • Construction options such as all stainless steel and galvanized steel are available.


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