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absolutAire DistributorSince 1992, AbsolutAire has been the nation’s top maker of total air management systems and heated, cooled, and ambient replacement air. AbsolutAire applies its people, processes, and plant to consistently deliver quality, innovation, and support for its customers through custom direct fired industrial heaters and Advanced HVAC solutions.

AbsolutAire manufactures make-up air units, such as the V-Series series that enhances the quality of the air within restaurants, commercial kitchens, commercial buildings and many other industrial applications. An AbsolutAire make-up air system can deliver 100% fresh make-up air that is optionally chilled with DX cooling coils or evaporative media and heated with either natural or propane gas. The range of capacities is 800 to 13,000 cfm. The casing and frame of the units are made entirely of aluminum.

Authorized AbsolutAire Representative

We are the authorized distributors for AbsolutAire MUA manufacturer. We’ll be pleased to provide the ideal AbsolutAire unit for your application as authorized representatives.

For a fast quote or if you have inquiries about commercial or industrial AbsolutAire MUA, get in touch with us.

AbsolutAire Distributors

We are AbsoluteAire official supplier and distributor. We can assist you in selecting the best make-up air model to suit any commercial or industrial application.

AbsolutAire keeps to their promise to provide the greatest customer service and consistently go above and beyond. Their objectives include being of the best quality in terms of both production and service while remaining environmentally friendly, economical, and sensible.


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