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Hot Water Make-Up Air Unit

Heating applications are most frequently utilized in process systems for drying processes and in hot fluid systems for comfort conditioning of a forced air stream.

While the splayed header design uses return bends in place of a collection header for circuiting, the collector header design with internal baffles offers circuiting versatility while doing away with the necessity for them.

The coil headers are “splayed” when they are offset from the coil tubes. The end connections on the splayed header coil are constant.

Hot Water Coil Make-up Air Unit Diagram

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We are the authorized distributors for the leading American manufacturers of hot water heated makeup air units. We’ll be pleased to provide the ideal make up air unit for your application as authorized representatives.

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Advantages of Water Heated Make-Up Unit


make up air unit cover
Make-Up Air Unit

Make-Up Air Units Imbalanced pressure in a structure has numerous consequences from employee health to equipment damage. A make-up air unit or MUA, prevent these

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