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Untempered Make-Up Air Unit

An untempered make-up air unit is a fan box that provides ventilation to buildings. It works by providing fresh, outside air into the building and replaces stale, inside air that has been exhausted from the building’s interior.

This type of system is typically used in commercial and industrial applications where large volumes of fresh air are needed.

An untempered make-up air unit consists of:

  • Fan box
  • Filters
  • Ductwork
  • Exterior grille
  • Hood

Additional accessories are available depending on the application.

The fan box gathers ambient temperature outside air through the exterior grille and then passes it through its motorized blade assembly which circulates it throughout the building.

This process helps maintain healthy temperatures and humidity levels while also meeting safety regulations and providing a safe environment for occupants inside.

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Unheated Make-Up Air

untempered make up air unit. unheated umua. umau's for commercial applications

Gravity Make-Up Air

gravety unheated make up air unit

Recirculating Make-Up Air

Benefits of an Untempered Makeup Air Unit

A well-designed ventilation system is essential for any home, especially when it comes to air quality. An untempered make-up air unit is an effective way to ensure proper ventilation and improve indoor air quality. This type of fan box does not require a separate tempering device in order to modulate the incoming air temperature, making it more efficient and cost-effective than other solutions on the market.

With an untempered make-up air unit installed, occupants can benefit from improved indoor air quality due to greater control over humidity levels and better removal of pollutants.

Authorized Untempered MUA Suppliers

We are the authorized suppliers of premier American manufacturers of tempered makeup air units. We’ll be excited to offer the ideal tempered makeup air unit for the application.

For a fast quote or if you have inquiries about commercial or industrial tempered MUA, get in touch with us.

UMAU vs. Tempered Makeup Air Units

The main difference between an untempered make-up air unit (UMAU) and a tempered make-up air unit (TMAU) is UMAU require much less energy to operate.

Energy is required to heat or cool (temper) the outside air.

UMAUs and TMAs are two very different types of fan boxes with distinct advantages and disadvantages. UMAUs are designed to provide an uninterrupted supply of fresh, filtered air into a building or space, while TMAs provide the same service but also temper the incoming air to maintain a consistent temperature throughout.

UMAUs are more energy efficient than their tempered counterparts because they don’t require heating or cooling systems. They can also be installed without ductwork, making them ideal for tight spaces like attics or crawlspaces where traditional HVAC systems may not fit. However, they don’t offer any temperature control; instead relying on natural outside temperatures to regulate indoor conditions.