Heated Make-Up Air Unit

A heated make-up air unit is a mechanical device that is used to introduce heated air into a building or space to replace air that has been exhausted or removed by ventilation or exhaust systems.

The air is typically heated to maintain a comfortable temperature within the building or space.

Make-up air units are commonly used in commercial and industrial buildings to ensure that the air inside the building is fresh and of good quality.

They are especially important in buildings where there is a lot of exhaust or where the air is frequently being replaced, as in laboratories or manufacturing facilities.

Heated make-up air units can be stand-alone units that are installed separately from the building’s heating and ventilation system, or they can be integrated into the system.

The air can be heated using a variety of methods, such as:

  • Electric heaters
  • Gas burners
  • Steam coils
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Types of Heated Make-Up Units


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