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Rooftop Mounted Make-Up Air Unit

rooftop make-up air unit

A rooftop-mounted make-up air unit (also referred to as a RTU) is a self-contained DX cooling air conditioner that is normally positioned on the roof of a building and uses ducts to deliver cool air into a structure.

Rooftop units perform similarly to a residential air conditioner, but they are more complex in order to satisfy commercial building codes.

They can range from minimal tonnage to almost 200 tons. Large RTUs are sometimes called “box cars” due to being as big as a railroad box car.

It can be utilized in single-zone or multi-zone applications and equipped with either a constant-volume or variable-volume fan. These units are frequently assembled with a central furnace, hydronic coils, or steam coils.

Depending on how much cooling they need and where they are, most rooftop packaged DX units have an air economizer.

A rooftop make-up air unit is an optimal HVAC solution, providing great energy savings, comfort, and humidity management. It is fundamentally designed to preserve energy and reduce operating expenses. 

Models are available with an inverter scroll compressor, which has benefits such as:


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Its modulating technologies allow the RTU to work best when there is only a partial load.

RTU MAU features completely adjustable refrigeration and various optional reheat components that deliver the exact quantity of air demanded at the desired temperature and relative humidity. 

Components with variable speeds allow the unit to adapt its heating and cooling capacity to the desired load. A steady stream of tempered air is able to be delivered throughout the space. But this is done without the changes in temperature that usually happen with single-stage equipment.

Rooftop Make-Up Air Units Benefits

There are 3 main benefits compared to other units:

Rooftop make-up air units are available as turnkey solutions and can be installed on almost any rooftop.

There are rooftop MUA available in a variety of sizes and capacities suitable for your system and budget.

Contact a reputable rooftop make-up air unit supplier to understand which unit is best suited for your application.


Authorized Rooftop Make-Up Air Unit Suppliers

We are the official distributors for the top American companies that make rooftop air conditioning units. We’ll be pleased to provide the ideal make-up air unit for your application as authorized representatives.

For a fast quote on the best commercial rooftop hvac units for the application contact us now.

Commercial Packaged RTU

We offer a comprehensive selection of commercial rooftop packaged units with refrigerant to suit stringent HVAC system requirements.

These compact air conditioners are effective for a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

Options for Rooftop Make-Up Air Unit

Energy Efficiency and Comfort Control Features of Rooftop Units (RTUs)

The rooftop unit (RTU) is the ideal HVAC solution because it provides unmatched comfort and humidity control, as well as exceptional energy savings.

It’s designed from its core to conserve energy and save on operating costs. Its rare-earth magnet inverter scroll compressor stops the unit from cycling too much, aging too quickly, making hard starts that waste energy, and using too much power.

Modulating technologies allow it to deliver the highest efficiencies under part-load conditions.

They have fully modulating refrigeration and optional hot gas reheating parts that let them deliver the exact amount of air that is asked for at the temperature and humidity that is desired.

The unit’s heating and cooling capacity can be adjusted to suit the necessary load thanks to variable-speed components.

This maintains a constant temperature throughout the room and prevents the significant temperature fluctuations frequently brought on by single-stage machinery.


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